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Once upon a time when monsters and ogres were living all over the world, Zeus decided after the birth of Hercules, to immortalise him and make him be the sovereign of the Greek people.
But Hera, the wife of Zeus knew to avoid this by a trick.
Hercules had only one chance. He had to prove being a hero.
Stunned, Hera watched him walking over the lion of Theban, the 5 headed hydra and Nessus, the Centaur.
But then Hades, the tycoon of the netherworld planned to banish all gods out of the Olympus.
And even Hera had to admit, if one can help them, then it’s Hercules.

(Animated Movie: Length 30 min, Trailor ca.1 min,
english trailor-versions will follow step by step)