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The Hunchback of Notre Dame

One day a foundling was brought to Notre Dame, the most beautiful cathedral of Paris - but the baby was so ugly that no citizen of Paris wanted it and so Quasimodo grew up under the protection of the Abbott of Notre Dame.
He never left the church, because people did not like him and he did not like people, until he saw the pretty gypsy Esmeralda dancing one day. Quasimodo decided to be there for her always. Esmeralda needed his protection pretty soon because the court of Paris accused her of beeing a witch. She was sentenced to death. Quasimodo succeeded in saving Esmeralda and her little goat. But the pursuers didn't give up...

(Animated Movie: Length 30 min, Trailor ca.1 min,
english trailor-versions will follow step by step)