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Land of Toys

In the children's room the toys are sitting depressed in the corner. The boy has got a new toy for birthday. And now he disregards his old toys completely.
Pino, the old favourite doll, is despaired, because instead of him the "new one " may join the little boy in bed. When everybody is asleep, Pino decides to run away and never, never come back. The next morning, Knuddel, the cuddlecushion, discovers that Pino has disappeared. The Skateboard takes over command together with Charley chip, the Gameboy and, the toys started to look for Pino. Luckily for Pino because things turned out different than he had thought.

(Animated Movie: Length 30 min, Trailor ca.1 min,
english trailor-versions will follow step by step)