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Arischa, the little witch

School is out – it’s holiday time and Arischa the little witch takes a trip with her friend the raven. After a few days they arrive in the magic forest. Here she meets Wuschel the Squirrel, Mümmel the rabbit and Goldie the little deer. Of course these new friends wanted to see the witchcraft of Arisha, especially the ride on the broom. So she did – but nothing works - nothing she tried had the right result
Something nobody knew: there is a midget called Heraldo
And Heraldo is a nasty midget – he can bewitch too and his passion is to grab animals to his fossil collection of animals in front of his cavern. Fortunatly … the raven remembers the magic stone Arisha had in her basket. With the help of all their new friends and with lots of training with the witchbook Arisha can help.

(Animated Movie: Length 30 min, Trailor ca.1 min,
english trailor-versions will follow step by step)